Volition – a wonderful nutrient

Why do I get up in the morning? What is my intention in what I spent my time and energy with? Am I just going along in the mainstream or habits I have developed over time? What is the driving energy, intention or deep desire behind my actions? Do I have a path? These areContinue reading “Volition – a wonderful nutrient”

Sickness and Healing webinar material available!

Greetings dear teachers, dear community and dear friends! Recently I started writing in Swedish about my experience in sickness with Melanoma cancer stage 4 and healing. The sickness has given me much new experience, perspective and insights. Healing allow for a new life to manifest and I have not had any active cancer tumors inContinue reading “Sickness and Healing webinar material available!”

Sense impressions – a wonderful nutrient

Greeting dear friends! May this be a new day, full of gifts for you. The name: Sun of Wisdom came to me one day when I was thinking of sharing more in English. In our chant before morning sitting meditation, there is a line: the sun of wisdom has now risen, shining in every direction.Continue reading “Sense impressions – a wonderful nutrient”