Sickness and Healing webinar material available!

Greetings dear teachers, dear community and dear friends! Recently I started writing in Swedish about my experience in sickness with Melanoma cancer stage 4 and healing. The sickness has given me much new experience, perspective and insights. Healing allow for a new life to manifest and I have not had any active cancer tumors inContinue reading “Sickness and Healing webinar material available!”

Sense impressions – a wonderful nutrient

Greeting dear friends! May this be a new day, full of gifts for you. The name: Sun of Wisdom came to me one day when I was thinking of sharing more in English. In our chant before morning sitting meditation, there is a line: the sun of wisdom has now risen, shining in every direction.Continue reading “Sense impressions – a wonderful nutrient”

I am not this… I am not limited to… I am Life without limit

In this video blogg of 17 minutes I share the inspirations of the day, based on the teaching offered by the Buddha on teachings to be given to the sick. The Dharma is like medicine and most of us have some ailment or suffering. May this teaching help inspire and energize you. May it helpContinue reading “I am not this… I am not limited to… I am Life without limit”