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Sickness and Healing Webinar Material

Here are some experiences from participants in this webinar:

This series was inspiring, beautifully presented, deeply honest, and life affirming. It is relevant to anyone experiencing health challenges and offers very practical ways to move through difficulties that can seem overwhelming and fearful.

You can register to get access audio recordings from three, 1,5 hrs sessions on the topic of Sickness and Healing. The teaching from the last session is in video format.

Each session offered a meditation that I have had great help by through my healing and recovery from stage 4 cancer. Each session include a teaching session with different focus (more on the different themes addressed are listed in this blog post). Each sessions concluded by question, responses, some comments and a closing meditation. There is not a lot of information about healing modalities or understanding cancer as a illness. These webinars are focused on ways of navigating a whole new landscape during sickness and healing. Prevention and practice before great challenges arise is very beneficial, so this material can be helpful for you even if you or a loved one do not face serious illness.

All contributions will help me continue my practice and sharing through Hjärtats Glädje and Sun of Wisdom. Asked contribution for all three sessions is SEK 300, approx. 36 USD. – A gift from the heart. Thank you! Jem / Chan Phap Ho

All these recordings are in English. För evenemang på svenska, besök Hjärtats Glädje.

Find out more about the focus for each sessions here!

For friends in Sweden: Om du vill betala med Swish: 072 044 7897 (endast för betalning)..

Sickness and Healing Zoom Webinars

Contribute for all three sessions

300,00 kr

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