Edible Foods – a wonderful nutrient

Greetings dear friends!

When conditions are sufficient manifestation happen! Before lunch I sat down to record a video blog on the first of the four nutriments. I have been reflection on this for some time. Especially since we got a bit of land to cultivate in mid-April and even more so these past couple of weeks. We have been able to eat berries, salads, carrots, potatoes, redbeet and chard out of the garden, not to mention herbs and the first apples.

When I offer an event or a video in Swedish someone always asks: how about in English? I am happy for this encouragement and invitation. In this 24 min video teaching I share about my experience with edible foods and offer some reflections to take home.

While cooking I let my body and consciousness led, whitout much thinking needed. It comes easy to me to cook and it does not take a lot of energy or time, so I will start sharing some secrets and tricks to this natural flow of food preparation before long. This meal of rice noodles with bean and vegetable stew spices with Garam Masala took 20 easy going minutes.

If you feel inspired to support my livelihood and Dharma work you are welcome to offer a gift of the heart (dana). Here is a link to PayPal (for Jem, Sun of Wisdom and Hjärtats Glädje):

Published by jerker_jem_chanphapho

Startades av Jem (Chan Phap Ho) Fredriksson, våren 2020 med inspirationen att dela meditation och undervisning i medveten närvaro grundad i Thich Nhat Hanhs Plum Village tradition.

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