Living life fully

It is a gift to see, hear and smell spring. Nature is so full of life. This inspires me to allow myself, body and mind to follow.

It seems that my narrow or limited ideas of what life is and what is possible are the main obstacles to boundless joy, peace, love and freedom.

The image of a tree and a geiser has been visible internally recently. The roots deep in the soil, securing the stability of the tree, nurturing the tree with minerals and water The trunk of the tree, a clear strong direction, where life circulate vigourously under the bark. The branches with leaves, flower and fruits taking in sun light and air. These three aspects are also so important in our live, in order to be happy and fullfilled. There might be one of these aspects that fall more natural to us…

In our modern life it is easy to be caught in the branches, our senses, thinking and words. There is so much stimulation at this level in our currect society.

Can I take this is with deep rooting in who I am and what is important to me?

Is there communication and exchange between the roots and leaves?

This video blog is an offering of the heart, arising in the present moment based on daily practice and reflection. May it be of benefit!

Published by jerker_jem_chanphapho

Startades av Jem (Chan Phap Ho) Fredriksson, våren 2020 med inspirationen att dela meditation och undervisning i medveten närvaro grundad i Thich Nhat Hanhs Plum Village tradition.

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