Healing Meditation

Yesterday we started the journey and exploration with the Sickness and Healing webinar series. It is still possible to register if you are interested. You will receive a recording and other material from each session even if you cannot participate live.

I started the session with a guided meditation that was a refuge och nourishment for me during the time when I was the weakest. I have led this guided meditation for children and adults in different variations many times through the years. The images that Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) came up with for this meditation has made a deep impression in me. I have touched these qualities deep in my consciousness, that they are not only content of consciousness but part of the fabric of consciousness itself. The natural world has always nourished and inspired me. It is also easo to bring this meditation with you as you spend time in nature. When my energy went down from having stage 4 Melanoma cancer and starting treatment (fall and winter 2018-2019), I noticed that my mind had a hard time staying with subtle objects of meditation like the breath or just to sit. The imagery of this meditation was much easier both to stay with and get nourishement from in that challenging time. An important of meditation is to nourish to come in contact with resources inside and around us, especially but not exclusively when we are challanged.

As spring appears with fresh flowers full of vitality and life, it is easy to touch flower -fresh. We can let this experience this feeling spread in our whole body and penetrate our mind. When I am on a hill, ridge or mountain, firmly in contact with the surface of the Earth, I touch mountain-solid. I get a lot of nourishment from being with and looking at the surface of water. Even with some ripples and waves the sun, clouds and birds can still be reflected. The more clear and still the water becomes, the reflection sharpens and a transparancy also present itself: still water-reflecting- From the time I lived and worked as a lawyer in Stockholm, I enjoy walking up hills and lookout points. It gives me perspective on the day and life down below. Some of my favorite places to be is along the coast and on mountains, because there is a lot of space and I naturally feel lighter and freer: space-free.

The different excercises in this meditation can be used on their own and your inspiration and need arise. May this practice benefit you and bring welbeing. In joy and gratitude Jem / Chan Phap Ho

Guided Meditation – Pebble Meditation

Published by jerker_jem_chanphapho

Startades av Jem (Chan Phap Ho) Fredriksson, våren 2020 med inspirationen att dela meditation och undervisning i medveten närvaro grundad i Thich Nhat Hanhs Plum Village tradition.

One thought on “Healing Meditation

  1. Hello dear brother So wonderful to learn about what you are doing and about your life in Sweden. Here spring is approaching and my garden is standing by for me to work in it. Sandy and I have survived this crazy year and are healthy. Lots of time for solitude and meditation and for long walks. Time to think about bringing more peace and stability to our chaotic world. So I wish you well and look forward to more of your posts. Is there a way to send your organization a donation?

    With a bow David

    David Percival Albuquerque, New Mexico 505-480-4197 door44dd@swcp.com



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